Seaweed cultivation

Underwater farm (World Economic Forum) - Seaweed cultivation complemented with shellfish culture

GlobalSeaweedSTAR project, SAMS

Floating horticulture in lakes and floodplains

Inle Lake (Myanmar

Inle Lake and the floating gardens – it’s all about tomatoes

Hydroponics on Inle Lake


BBC – The floating farms of Bangladesh

UN Environment – Floating Garden (see more)

Cultivation of aquatic plants


Duckweed as sustainable biofuel feedstock (Rutgers, USA)

The Duckweed Project (Andrew Young, USA)

Water Chestnut

Water chestnut farming (India)

Water chestnut as business (Bangladesh)


Azolla organic/natural farming (Philippines)

Azolla harvesting from ponds (Indonesia)


Watercress Farm (1961)​

Jamaica Watercress Harvest and Beverage

Watercress Sumida Farm

Watercress – Edible leaves of the Pacific

Water Spinach (Kangkong)

Water spinach farm (Burma)

Water spinach harvest and recipe (Bangladesh)